Eating differently this Christmas

11 December 2018

If you’ve been following along with our Christmas campaign, you’ll know we’re trying to see things differently this year. We’re also partial to a good feast. So, in a bid to shake up the dinner table, we’ve gone hunting for our top alternatives to the traditional roast and additions that you might not have thought of before. Grab a mulled wine and start reading to find out how you could try eating differently this Christmas.

No meat? No problem

Kicking us off are some vegetarian delights. In the same way that we attract linguists, you’ll also find an excess of herbivores in the Stitch office, so it seems a fitting starting point. Unsurprisingly, this halloumi and pistachio nut roast caught our eye and this camembert pithivier will certainly be featuring on our festive menu. We’ve noticed the rise in interesting meat-free options this year and Waitrose in particular have put in a sterling effort.

Raising the vegetable bar

Whoever is working on sprout PR deserves some recognition, because man alive are they on trend this year. The easy option is to snap up a pack of Iceland’s new release of marmite sprouts, but what else can you do to transform this divisive vegetable? In unsurprising news, dousing vegetables in full-fat dairy products is always a good move to win over even the most reluctant of Christmas guests. Why not try one of these gratins for a change? If you’re on team hate when it comes to our little green friends, this parsnip and chestnut tarte tatin might be a better way to elevate your side dish this Christmas.

Something sweet

If you missed the Christmas cake memo back in October, fear not, this could be just what you’re looking for: mince pie brownies. Combining what we can only assume are two of the nation’s favourites will have you winning major points on the big day. As for which mince pie you use, take a look at last year’s taste test to see which is our favourite.

No time to bake? Not a problem. Asda have you covered with this nifty idea to transform some ice-cream into a snowman. If Kevin from Aldi has you feeling weepy, brace yourself. This simple cake idea feels just as adorable and would be perfect with a cup of tea on Christmas eve.

What have we missed?

Well there we are, something different for a festive read with a mince pie. Let us know how you’re seeing things differently this Christmas on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear what you’re cooking.