The Great British Taste Off

6 December 2017

Lauren Read

Here at Stitch, a Bristol based internal communications agency, we specialise in taking tricky and complex subjects and making them simple – and this is no exception when it comes to Christmas confectionery. This year, we’ve decided to make life a little easier when selecting the best grub for greedy mouths by doing a taste test. And what better item to put to the test than the mighty mince pie, the Christmas classic and must-have for every Crimbo get together.

We will review a selection of mince pies based on the following criteria:

Tesco’s Finest

RRP £2.00

Look 4/5

Pastry 3/5

Filling 4/5

Overall 3.5/5

Commentary: Although we all enjoy a little Christmas tipple, we felt the filling had a drop too much booze for a Tuesday afternoon. However, the decoration and presentation was simply divine!



Mr Kipling

RRP £1.50

Look 4.5/5

Pastry 4.5/5

Filling 4/5

Overall 5/5

Commentary: This pie tasted as good as a homemade mince pie. It looked great and the flavours were lovely – Stitch liked this pie very much so!



Sainsbury’s Finest

RRP £2.00

Look 5/5

Pastry 4/5

Filling 3.5/5

Overall 4/5

Commentary: a very firm interior, yet quite sweet and verging on ‘jammy’. Emma commented “it tastes like a figgy roll, a figgy roll Jane, a figgy roll!” We like that you can see some of the mince poking through the star shaped topper. A very cute mince pie, ho ho ho.




RRP £1.75

Look 3/5

Pastry 2/5

Filling 3.5/5

Overall 2/5

Commentary: We felt a certain white bearded man had left Greggs off of his Christmas wish list this year as their mince pies were definitely lacking a certain festive cheer in terms of appearance.  Although there was ample filling, at times we felt the mincemeat was too tart and verging on vinegary.



Verdict: So that’s it folks, the Stitchers have spoken, this year’s winner is Mr Kipling! A Christmas classic that’s fought off stiff competition and maintained king of the pie status, Merry Christmas Mr Kipling.

*All words and opinions featured in this review blog post are Stitch Communications’ own. We did not receive any mince based bribery or payment.

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