The language of communication experts

20 January 2017

Sophie Howell

Something in the water?
Here at Stitch we are an office of two halves. Blondes v brunettes? North v south? Cats v dogs? Try linguists v non-linguists. That’s right; we’ve noticed that two thirds of the team is now made up of language degree holders. Coincidence? I wanted to delve a little deeper into the skill set of a linguist and find out why we’ve all ended up channelling our talent into being communication experts at Stitch.

We are grammar aficionados:
Being a language pedant can have its ups and downs but one thing that is certain is our communication with clients is top notch. Which is handy, what with us being one of Bristol’s leading communication experts. Whether it’s presenting a brief or emailing the weekly call log, clients can rest assured that our analytical eye won’t allow anything to get past us without several rounds of proofreading and editing taking place first. Much to the dismay of our designers and copywriters.

We fit the mould:
As linguists, between us we’ve come across every Tom, Dick and Harry. Or should I say Tomás, Ricardo and Enrique. Yes, we’ve met some diverse characters in our time, experienced some unique cultures and rarely find ourselves in a foreign (excuse the pun) situation, debating fight or flight. I believe it’s the exposure to these personalities that makes us so readily available to adapt and mould ourselves to understand the needs of even the most challenging of clients.

We follow rules:
With every language comes structure: an organised rulebook of dos and don’ts (this will resonate in particular with the German speakers among us). We are in our element thinking up and executing well-organised and logical systems for our clients. We have discipline, and we like everyone to know about it.

We are code breakers:
Languages and rewards schemes have more in common than you might think. Both consist of complex frameworks that require breaking down and tackling with an analytical eye. Having the ability to think on our feet, process information rapidly and translate this into something that makes sense is what we do best.

We enjoy what we do:
…And we do what we enjoy. We work with global companies and are proud of our ability to accommodate their needs. This involves tackling complex policies and local regulations head on. Translating a tax guide into 15 languages for 30 different countries might sound like an average employee’s idea of hell. Here at Stitch, we’ve been known to dabble in Korean legalities for fun. In Korean of course. Remember what we said about communication experts?

We talk the talk:
Good communication requires talking. We love to talk. Enough said.

Reflecting on the above, it’s no surprise so many of us have been drawn to the Stitch share plan environment. It seems the combination of logic, attention to detail and yearning for knowledge and understanding are a match made in heaven. We realise, of course, that the above characteristics aren’t limited to language speakers, but we have discovered one affiliation that compliments the company wonderfully. If you think you’ve got what it takes, or can introduce us to another perfect partnership then get in touch!