Stitch spruce up global comms for Santa Claus PLC

Santa Claus PLC has been providing bespoke worldwide logistical solutions since 270 AD.

They are a trusted market leader and have an unrivalled global network, which enables them to execute mass delivery solutions. Based in Lapland they have a dedicated workforce of 85,000 employees with varying levels of seniority and height.

Every year, Santa Claus PLC undertake their largest annual activity when they aim to deliver products to 7.53 billion people in under 24 hours. This is completed on 24th December each year, with project planning starting on 26th December for the following delivery cycle.

Despite executing a number of highly successful activities, Santa Claus PLC are facing a number of internal challenges:

  • Outdated internal processes and ineffective communications mean employees are unable to cope with increased demand due to growing population numbers. This reduction in efficiency has resulted in missed targets for the first time ever – last year Santa Claus PLC failed to deliver 2.5% of products to households
  • Failure to meet this target has seen an increase in brand apathy amongst employees and consumers
  • Despite continued use of these problematic and dated internal processes, Santa Claus PLC do offer a number of sophisticated digital process solutions. However, not enough employees know about them and there is a lack of clear information about the available digital options
  • Additionally, employees feel there is a lack of recognition for the work they do – the CEO is very much the face of the company
  • A very target/deadline driven environment has led employees to feel overworked and undervalued

An elf taking important notes

The Brief:

Santa Claus PLC have appointed Stitch Communications to help tackle some of these challenges by:

  • Creating an internal brand identity which fosters a sense of belonging amongst employees and consistency for internal communications
  • Educating employees around digital internal process solutions available to them
  • Reigniting the magic of Christmas amongst employees and make them feel appreciated
  • Acknowledging employees’ hard work and efforts, and remind them why it’s so important to hit deadlines

The Challenge:

  • Large number of employees have worked at Santa Claus PLC for many years – they’re very set in their ways and resistant to change
  • Feelings of apathy and negativity have been increasing for a number of years, so there will be significant work involved in turning the tide
  • Management team very time poor, so implementation needs to be simple and easy to deliver/manage

Santa taking notes

The Solution:

  • Created an internal brand identity which fostered a sense of belonging and brought consistency to all Santa Claus PLC internal communications
  • Re-launched the digital internal process solutions on offer at Santa Claus PLC by creating an information hub website
  • Informative and engaging 2-minute animation communicating digital internal process solutions
  • Employees were alerted to the launch and website using emails, posters, flyers, digital signage and other fun promotional items
  • A special message was communicated to employees via a CEO video
  • All communications included key messages of recognition and positivity to address the current dip in employee morale and encourage employees to adopt the new processes

Santa meeting


  • Boost in employee morale and positivity in the workplace
  • CEO video helped employees feel reconnected to Santa Claus
  • Positive messages helped employees feel valued and more connected to Santa Claus PLC as a brand

As a result of the work we’ve done, Santa Claus PLC can embrace future challenges with renewed confidence and happiness. Elf esteem will increase as colleagues can easily shout out to each other for a job well done, via the YouSleighedIt App. Most importantly though, now that employees can easily engage with the digital solutions on offer, delivery targets will never be missed again, ensuring a Happy Christmas for all children across the globe.

See the work
Yule be hard pushed to find a better team to solve your communications problems than all the jingle ladies (and gentleman) at Stitch. They created a holly jolly range of communications to help promote our digital offerings whilst helping to give a much needed boost to elf-esteem. When it comes to increasing employee engagement with winning communications, Stitch are definitely the best in snow.
Santa Claus
Founder and CEO, Santa Claus PLC