2020 Vision

12 December 2019

Jeremy Couper-Crane

Is it just us or did 2019 pass by in what felt like about two months?? Oh well, that must mean it’s nearly 2020, which is terribly exciting. We’re now living in the time visualised by director Ridley Scott when he made the film Blade Runner back in 1982. According to him there should now be cars flying through the air and androids working hard, setting up off-world colonies for us all to live on when Earth falls apart at the seams.

Fortunately real life hasn’t quite got there yet. Don’t get us wrong – flying cars would be very useful for beating the traffic on the M32 on a Monday morning but it’d still be a nightmare finding somewhere to park..

New Stitch, New World, New Work

That said, 2020 is looking like it’s going to be the most exciting year yet for us here at Stitch HQ, not least as it will be our first full year as Stitch – a Deloitte business. It’s been a pretty full-on six months so far, under our new identity. Thanks to our Deloitte colleagues, we now have access to a wealth of information, resources and subject matter experts not to mention networking opportunities galore! While that has already brought us some really interesting new work and fantastic new clients we know we’ve barely scratched the surface of the pool of opportunities available to us.

Through Deloitte we hope very soon to be providing engaging and inspirational communications to employees around the world in some exciting new areas.

We’ve already been working with several clients to deliver important messages around global mobility to their employees and we’ll soon be expanding on this remit to include business travel; a term used when a mobile assignee is contracted to work in another country for a relatively short period. Every country around the world has different regulations regarding immigration and tax requirements and the implications of not adhering to these rules are just as significant for employees on short term contracts as for those relocating for the long term.

We’ll also be looking to increase employee engagement around pensions, a topic traditionally treated with apathy by most younger employees, who see it as something they don’t need to worry about until they’re much older. Pension providers have been working hard to highlight the need for us all to plan for the future as soon as we start our careers but there is a way to go.

We’ll be enabling our clients to ensure their employees are bought in to the idea of saving and setting money aside by delivering a range of communications that not only highlight the importance of the subject matter but also make it easy to understand and engage with.

The Power of Personalisation

Whilst animations have continued to prove an increasingly popular way for our clients to deliver key messages in a really creative and engaging manner, we’ve started taking things a step further. We’ve been working with a number of clients to provide employees with personalised videos that deliver specific information relating to each employee’s individual share plan account. These videos can be sent regularly to all employees participating in the plan, keeping them up to date on how much their investment is worth, how many shares they currently own and when further shares will go on to vest.

It’s often a challenge for businesses to maintain employee engagement in share plans once the plan launch is over. Receiving regular and personal updates will help ensure employees continue feeling connected to their investment and, more importantly valued by their employer.


An increased workload naturally calls for an increased workforce. 2019 saw us grow from eight people to 11 and the start of 2020 will see the arrival of two further recruits to Team Stitch. Our Design Lead will be on hand to push our creative proposition and drive us to think bigger and better in all the work we do, while our new Strategist will work with us to develop our output, from both a messaging and strategic viewpoint, as well as challenging the whole team to stay at the top of our game.

The arrival of all these new Stitchers means we’ve finally outgrown our current home at Temple Studios, so 2020 will also see a new Stitch HQ. Don’t worry, we’re not moving far – more details on that another time..

We’re sure you’ll agree there’s a lot to be excited about for the new year ahead. Remember to get in touch if you want to talk about ways we can help you drive employee engagement in your business.

Happy New Year!