Communications in the time of Coronavirus

23 March 2020

In recent days and weeks it’s been heartening to see many companies acting with astonishing agility, compassion and determination in response to these extraordinary circumstances. However, the uncertainty about what’s to come makes it extremely challenging to know how best to prepare for the practical realities that lie ahead and also how to communicate that to employees.

Here at Stitch HQ (now up and running remotely, but possibly speaking even more than usual via Zoom), we’ve been thinking of ways businesses can most effectively reach out to their people. Whilst health remains the highest priority, the financial and personal wellbeing of employees comes to the forefront of our minds – it’s just what we do.

So, how can we continue to inform, engage and support our people in these unsettling times?

  1. Transparency
  1. Credibility
  1. Clarity
  1. Feedback
  1. Creativity
  1. Messaging
  1. Prepare to change

Keeping employees happy, connected and productive has probably never been so challenging as it is right now, but we’re here to help. If you’d like to hear our thoughts on messaging, some practical input on content and visuals or you just want a sounding board to talk to then let us know.

Jane and Vicki are ready to send you a Zoom call invite (though we should warn you our custom backdrop game is strong) Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy – you can just email us too!

In the meantime, stay safe and well everybody.