Looking backwards, and forwards

1 June 2020

Emma Dawson

12 months – how time flies

Team Stitch joined the Deloitte family in June 2019. It was a huge decision to move from being an independent agency to being part of a massive global business – but it was absolutely the right thing to do. We’d been beating our drum about internal communications for a long time; challenging our clients and industry to do better, to think of their employees as consumers, to give them at least as good an experience as their customers. And becoming part of Deloitte has given us the chance to shout even louder.

I’d guess looking at Stitch and Deloitte it’d be hard for anyone to draw parallels; but they’re there for sure. We share a commitment to raising standards, to pushing ourselves and our clients to think creatively, and to deliver solutions with intelligence and purpose. And now we’re in a position to offer all our lovely clients (and clients to be) the best of both worlds. All the advantages of a creative agency and a talented team of communication specialists, with the global pool of Deloitte resource, skill and expertise backing us up.

It’s obviously been a bit of a ‘journey’ as they say on reality TV. So let’s break that down;

The good

We close out the year with a whole host of new clients – friends as we like to call them – and a couple of fab mega-projects.  Step forward Rolls Royce, LSE, Euronext, BAT, Danone, Imperial Brands, Smurfit Kappa, Sainsburys, CNH Industrial, Cathay Pacific and Royal London amongst others – thanks for trusting us to deliver your projects. Not forgetting our long terms friends like Rio Tinto, Vodafone, Aviva, Sage, Lenovo and Pru.

We’ve also done work in lots of new areas, opening up more niche internal communications projects for us to get stuck into – global mobility, diversity and inclusion and employee engagement, just for starters. We’re looking into flexible working, business travel and corporate reporting too – you know of course to contact Jane if any of this floats your boat.

The bad

I’m not going to sugar coat this – there’s an amount of admin involved in working for a large company that just doesn’t exist in our old world. It’s taken us (me mostly) a while to get used to working in a new way. I’d like to thank our Deloitte colleagues for their endless patience with us, our clients for bearing with us when things have taken a little longer than we planned, and team Stitch for never letting the smiles drop. We are, however, the gold star winners for timesheet completion – after all, everyone knows we can’t resist a competition.

The ugly

And this one goes to Covid19. Who’d have thought we’d end the year all apart rather than in a bar somewhere? We’ll fix that as soon as we can, but in the meantime we’ve transitioned to working from home seamlessly. Supported by the Deloitte tech infrastructure, we’ve been zooming, skyping and teamsing to stay in touch, finding our own ways of making them fun of course. We’ve delivered a couple of massive projects whilst at home and even run a client workshop over Zoom.

Up next?

Our feet have barely touched the ground, we’ve had a great time and can honestly say we’ve only just begun. The surface has barely been scratched, I wonder what the next twelve months will bring?

I imagine we’ll be using our comms skills to help companies motivate, attract and retain talent.  I can see many companies facing challenges with newly (and perhaps permanently based) remote workforces – how do you reach them and how do you keep them engaged? Above all, I think the need for clear, simple and effective communications has never been greater, no matter what the topic. You know where we are if you need us!