Two months in. Our journey as Stitch – a Deloitte business

7 August 2019

Charlotte Cooper

We’re now two months into our journey of being Stitch – a Deloitte business. Our industry friends have been very keen to know what’s changed and the answer is quite simple: both nothing and everything.

On the face of it, everything appears as it was. We’re still championing employees, guiding them through complex topics and delivering results for our clients. We’re still based by Temple Meads in Bristol. We’re still wearing a lot of loud clothing and we’re certainly still politely disrupting just about every industry event going. So what has actually changed?


When we first announced we’d be joining Deloitte, an intriguing, and most organic phenomenon began to develop. Friends and family started sharing Deloitte office snaps from around the world on their travels. See below for the delights of the Toronto office (green dot lamp shade!), the sky-high LA office and the appropriately sandy Barbados hub.


Although the Stitch of old is still very much here and at our core, we’re gradually evolving into an enhanced super Stitch, also known as Stitch – a Deloitte business. We’ll continue to welcome your Deloitte around the world snaps as we forge ahead with our new family, but don’t forget to also keep sharing supreme knitting feats, obscenely orange things and of course, cat GIFs.