What makes a successful communication campaign? A helping hand from Stitch…

Educating senior employees about their reward offering

Innovative shareplan education materials

  • Dynamic Powerpoint decks
  • Animations
  • Interactive PDFs

Setting out a procurement process in easy steps

  • Interactive PDF
  • Pop-ups
  • Engaging visuals

Promoting an upgraded share plan administrator platform

  • Interactive PDFS
  • Screengrabs
  • Teaser campaign

Promoting Danone's all employee share award

  • Global communications
  • Shares
  • Shareholder rights
  • AGM voting

Informing employees and global shareholders of a planned rights issue

  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Emails
  • Letter

Promoting a range of flexible working benefits to employees

  • Interactice PDF
  • Pop-ups
  • Webinar script and slides

Refreshed communications packs for employees moving around the globe

  • Customisable Letters
  • Emails
  • Appendix

Simple animation explaining a complex employee incentive to a wider audience

  • Cool, branded animation

Promoting cash and share plans to senior employees

  • PDFs
  • HTML Emails

Delivering an educational focus to Sage’s share plan communications

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Myth-busters

Letting every employee know they're being given 10 free shares

  • Design concepts
  • Sharepoint website
  • Email template
  • Flyer

Promoting the launch of a brand new all employee free share plan

  • Brand new microsite
  • Presentation pack
  • Email campaign
  • Promotional printed materials

Creating a central online hub for Gender Pay activity

  • External facing Gender Pay site
  • Shortened Digital Gender Pay Gap results report
  • Refreshed animation

Interactive promotion of new pay and reward tool

  • Comprehensive Microsite
  • Animations
  • E-learn

Promoting the launch of a new share plan

  • Multi-language microsite
  • HTML email campaign

Launching a new global share plan

  • Employee microsite
  • Animation
  • HTML email, brochure, posters

Launching a brand new Global Share Plan

  • Creative identity
  • Employee microsite
  • Animation
  • Email campaign

Creating a digital platform for a new Sharesave plan

  • Digital booklet
  • Flyer
  • Letter

A review of Rio Tinto myShare communications

  • Rethink the employee journey
  • Streamline communications
  • Realign messaging
  • Design suite of deliverables

Reporting on the first set of gender pay gap figures for Telefonica

  • Bespoke Animation
  • Digital Infographic
  • Gender Pay Gap Narrative

Promoting Weir’s very first global employee survey

  • Product identity
  • Video Statement
  • QR Code

Updating and refreshing employee Sharesave communications

  • Interactive PDF brochure
  • Animation and Calculator tool
  • Financial Education Page

Refreshing and repositioning an existing share plan to increase take up

  • Multichannel approach
  • Teaser, invitation and reminder email campaign
  • Multilingual microsite with calculator tool
  • Printed pack including bespoke brochures

Working together to communicate the launch of a new global benefit

  • Brand new concept
  • Brochures, posters and employee emails
  • HR team support packs

The method to our madness: behind the scenes at Christmas

Refreshing Sage's Save and Share communications to increase engagement

  • Interactive PDF guide
  • Bespoke calculator tool
  • Translation management

Educating Vodafone employees about the gender pay gap

  • Bespoke animation

Explaining the impact of managed separation on UK Sharesave for Old Mutual Group

  • New website
  • Refreshed brochure
  • Email campaign
  • Tax breakdown

Engaging employees with gender pay gap communications

  • Visual infographic
  • A guide to the gender pay gap
  • Manager FAQs

Celebrating the first year anniversary of a global plan

  • Chinese animation
  • Social media booth
  • New website versions

Improving manager benefit awareness through an engaging print piece

  • One page creative PDF
  • Printed for 300 managers

Using interactivity and personalisation to rethink share award communications

Moving Tullow Oil's insider management online

  • Digital solution
  • Can be used wherever, whenever
  • Employee focused informational website

Communicating increased investment opportunity for Diageo employees

Communicating and explaining the Annual Report to employee shareholders

Launching a new share plan for Lenovo

Prudential's employee share scheme, PRUshareplus, reaches its first anniversary

Increasing employee engagement for Diageo

A brand new share plan for Laird

A communication strategy to deliver for Prudential

Bringing employee share schemes to life for ARM

Giving employee engagement a boost at Vodafone

Launching a global share plan for Rio Tinto

Internal communications to help explain the Verizon transaction

Copywriting for Centrica