What makes a successful communication campaign? A helping hand from Stitch…

Educating senior employees about their reward offering

Innovative shareplan education materials

  • Dynamic Powerpoint decks
  • Animations
  • Interactive PDFs

Setting out a procurement process in easy steps

  • Interactive PDF
  • Pop-ups
  • Engaging visuals

Promoting an upgraded share plan administrator platform

  • Interactive PDFS
  • Screengrabs
  • Teaser campaign

Promoting Danone's all employee share award

  • Global communications
  • Shares
  • Shareholder rights
  • AGM voting

Informing employees and global shareholders of a planned rights issue

  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Emails
  • Letter

Promoting a range of flexible working benefits to employees

  • Interactice PDF
  • Pop-ups
  • Webinar script and slides

Refreshed communications packs for employees moving around the globe

  • Customisable Letters
  • Emails
  • Appendix

Simple animation explaining a complex employee incentive to a wider audience

  • Cool, branded animation

Promoting cash and share plans to senior employees

  • PDFs
  • HTML Emails

Delivering an educational focus to Sage’s share plan communications

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Myth-busters

Letting every employee know they're being given 10 free shares

  • Design concepts
  • Sharepoint website
  • Email template
  • Flyer

Promoting the launch of a brand new all employee free share plan

  • Brand new microsite
  • Presentation pack
  • Email campaign
  • Promotional printed materials

Creating a central online hub for Gender Pay activity

  • External facing Gender Pay site
  • Shortened Digital Gender Pay Gap results report
  • Refreshed animation

Interactive promotion of new pay and reward tool

  • Comprehensive Microsite
  • Animations
  • E-learn

Promoting the launch of a new share plan

  • Multi-language microsite
  • HTML email campaign

Launching a new global share plan

  • Employee microsite
  • Animation
  • HTML email, brochure, posters

Launching a brand new Global Share Plan

  • Creative identity
  • Employee microsite
  • Animation
  • Email campaign

Creating a digital platform for a new Sharesave plan

  • Digital booklet
  • Flyer
  • Letter

A review of Rio Tinto myShare communications

  • Rethink the employee journey
  • Streamline communications
  • Realign messaging
  • Design suite of deliverables

Reporting on the first set of gender pay gap figures for Telefonica

  • Bespoke Animation
  • Digital Infographic
  • Gender Pay Gap Narrative

Promoting Weir’s very first global employee survey

  • Product identity
  • Video Statement
  • QR Code

Updating and refreshing employee Sharesave communications

  • Interactive PDF brochure
  • Animation and Calculator tool
  • Financial Education Page

Refreshing and repositioning an existing share plan to increase take up

  • Multichannel approach
  • Teaser, invitation and reminder email campaign
  • Multilingual microsite with calculator tool
  • Printed pack including bespoke brochures

Working together to communicate the launch of a new global benefit

  • Brand new concept
  • Brochures, posters and employee emails
  • HR team support packs

The method to our madness: behind the scenes at Christmas

Refreshing Sage's Save and Share communications to increase engagement

  • Interactive PDF guide
  • Bespoke calculator tool
  • Translation management

Educating Vodafone employees about the gender pay gap

  • Bespoke animation

Explaining the impact of managed separation on UK Sharesave for Old Mutual Group

  • New website
  • Refreshed brochure
  • Email campaign
  • Tax breakdown

Engaging employees with gender pay gap communications

  • Visual infographic
  • A guide to the gender pay gap
  • Manager FAQs

Celebrating the first year anniversary of a global plan

  • Chinese animation
  • Social media booth
  • New website versions

Moving Tullow Oil's insider management online

  • Digital solution
  • Can be used wherever, whenever
  • Employee focused informational website

Using interactivity and personalisation to rethink share award communications

Communicating increased investment opportunity for Diageo employees

Communicating and explaining the Annual Report to employee shareholders

Prudential's employee share scheme, PRUshareplus, reaches its first anniversary

Launching a new share plan for Lenovo

Increasing employee engagement for Diageo

A brand new share plan for Laird

A communication strategy to deliver for Prudential

Giving employee engagement a boost at Vodafone

Bringing employee share schemes to life for ARM

Launching a global share plan for Rio Tinto

Internal communications to help explain the Verizon transaction

Copywriting for Centrica