Becoming our own communication experts: The Stitch Christmas card

As an office of Yulephiles (yes, we’ve made it a word), it comes as no surprise that we love the onset of December. It gives us a chance to dust off our elf hats and experience first-hand the service we provide as communication experts for our clients as we get to work on our annual Christmas card.

Here’s what we wanted to achieve this year in a nutshell:

  • Christmas with a twist
  • Make people smile
  • Show off our creativity in a way we’ve never done before
  • Create something that captures the essence of Stitch

The Brief: We pride ourselves on our creativity, pushing boundaries and challenging our clients. We do things differently and we help our clients to see things from a different perspective. This is the essence of what we wanted to capture in this year’s card.

The Challenge: Every year we design and send out a printed Christmas card to clients, prospective clients, suppliers and friends. Coming up with an idea that resonates with all of our contacts, regardless of our relationship and history, is always a challenge. Staying true to our role as communication experts, however, is not!

Internally, balancing the team’s bursting creative ideas is always one to bear in mind and certainly had us jingling all the way to our chosen concept.

The Solution: We’re firm believers in a card speaking a thousand words, so with our reputation (and pride) at stake we treat this just like any other internal communications project at Stitch; assigning it to one of our expert account managers and giving it the time and budget it rightly deserves.

Brainstorming: As with any other project, our first step is to sit down and get under the skin of the brief. Reminding ourselves of our international audience (including any new friends from the year gone by), setting out a clear budget and deadline, and of course what it is we want to achieve. Here’s what we ended up with:

  • A piece that showcases our creativity
  • Clever messaging: “Seeing things differently”
  • Christmas with a twist
  • Fun, simple and fuss-free.

The prep: At this point the trusty account manager steps in. As with all of our internal communication campaigns, their job is to orchestrate the project: writing creative briefs, managing suppliers, budget, timelines, print & production, and everything in between. The only difference here being the client – *hint* sign off with your own boss isn’t necessarily easier than with your lovely client base you know inside out!

The fun part: With the admin in hand, it’s time to get creative. Research, mood boards, Christmas puns galore and of course the festive playlist. All of which help us stay focussed and on brief. On a serious note, there are a number of considerations we find helpful to bear in mind along the way:

  • Avoiding previous Christmas campaigns
  • Market awareness: what’s everyone else doing?
  • Social media: how far to take it?
  • Audience participation: something crafty? A prize?

The chosen creative: So what did we decide on we hear you shout? Our chosen concept is one we feel captures both Stitch and Christmas in a nutshell: a Stitch-branded Christmas carol pictogram quiz of course! The finished design consists of a series of four tiles, each representing a Christmas song seen through the eyes of Stitch. We used clever and clear graphics to depict these well-known songs and show them from a different perspective, as we encourage our clients to do with their internal communications, all tied together with the concise strapline messaging: “We help you see things differently”. We hope you have as much fun cracking them as we did coming up with the ideas!

Proofing, proofing and more proofing: We pride ourselves on our accuracy and attention to detail. We strive to ensure no mistakes slip through the net with a client so we treat ourselves with the same respect. With the chosen design in place, our card goes through a number of rigorous checks including:

  • Typos and blunders
  • Branding
  • Brief fulfilled? As self-confessed perfectionists we’ve been known to go back to the drawing board if we’re not 100% happy.

Delivery: We don’t typically send out campaigns for clients, but we do play the role of Santa and his reindeers for our own. We’ll leave this to your festive imaginations, but it’s safe to say the office quickly becomes consumed with orange tissue paper and glitter!

Outcome: We don’t need to say it but this is our best yet. Click on the “See the work” button for a sneak peek.

In need of some extra Stitchmas cheer? Pop by the office to marvel at our tree and be serenaded by the team. We’re not just a pretty bunch of communication experts don’t you know!

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