Bringing first rate benefits to life for ARM employees

ARM, a leading UK based technology company, needed help to bring their share plan communications up to date. Their employee share scheme benefits are first rate, but the message wasn’t getting through. We helped to:

  • Reposition and rebrand all employee share plans
  • Create consistent, quality materials
  • Point employees to the ARM intranet hub.

ARM designs technology at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. Continuously delivering technical innovation takes top talent, so as you might imagine, ARM offers an attractive benefits package designed to retain and incentivise their employees.

Their main employee share schemes, which include a restricted share award, employee stock purchase plan, a sharesave and an annual bonus plan form part of a generous employee reward package – but did ARM’s employees really understand just how much was on offer?

We started off reviewing the current communications to understand how the plans worked and the messages employees were being told. As an outsider we could take a step back, approach the communications as an employee might, spotting what was missing or needed more attention.

We came up with a brand new share plan brand, logo and design style which could be used for all ARM share schemes. Our creative concept, ‘it’s good to share’ worked on a number of levels. By using the word share we related directly back to the subject of share plans, linking neatly to ARM technology which allows people to connect. The positive message that it’s good to share, encouraged employees to get involved and that (in most cases anyway!) employee share plans are a good thing.

Imagery was chosen to reflect the positive message. We showed people sharing photographs with each other, sharing experiences together or sharing a spectacular view. The imagery and key messages aimed to encourage employees to get involved in ARM company share plans, telling them that by getting involved you will share in the company success.

It’s safe to say that ARM tested us creatively and we rose to the challenge, delivering a range of internal communications to help employees understand the key benefits so that they could make more informed decisions about share plan participation.

What’s more, we received positive comments from ARM employees, and were recommended to the ARM pension team – which we think shows we must have done something right!

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Working with a team spread out around the world definitely interfered with our body clocks, (“if it’s 3pm in Austin, Texas… what time IS it in Bangalore?” – we recommend the Easy Clock Chrome app!) we think the end results are absolutely first rate, success well and truly shared!
Business Development Manager