Tackling engagement for everyone – from miners to management

Rio Tinto is a leading global mining company with over 71,000 employees – in more than 40 countries across six continents.  Communicating share plans is no small challenge. With a global share plan launch to communicate and a diverse audience to connect with, the team at Rio Tinto came to us for help. We worked to:

  • Communicate the global share plan launch, a plan designed to reward employees for dedication and loyalty
  • Explain benefits in a way that made sense to everyone – from miners to management
  • Design, create and launch the share plan communications
  • Hit five-year enrolment target within the first six months.

If you’ve ever been involved with employee benefits you’ll know that a global share plan launch is no walk in the park. Along with everything else you have to do, you need to get your employees to engage with the new plan, to understand how it works and to make a decision about whether they should join. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time a launch campaign takes to put together and deliver, and just how many different skills are needed to create all the content and get it out there to your employees.

Add to that some special audience considerations, such as inaccessible locations, a range of literacy levels, very limited email access, coupled with erratic or non-existent postal systems. And never forgetting that usually time is tight and deadlines are fixed!

Luckily for Rio Tinto, we have lots of experience of share plans and how they work. As well as a team of communication experts who, between us, have all the expertise needed to bring a campaign to life. Add to that our lovely designers who keep our creative solutions fresh and exciting and our translators who take the user-friendly, compelling copy that we write and make it accessible to non-english speakers.

Working as an integral part of the internal project team, we spent time getting to know Rio Tinto and its employees, the plan and the international intricacies involved. Then we made it happen. We:

    • Created a communication strategy, including flyers, brochures, posters, emails, intranet portal, letters, plan comparison documents and video scripts
    • Researched the plans and the audience, wrote engaging and simple copy, designed the concept and delivered all the materials
    • Translated into 14 languages
    • Worked with Computershare to get everything printed, personalised, enclosed and distributed to home and office locations.

There were some long days (and nights!) as we worked hard with our Rio Tinto and Computershare colleagues around the world to deliver the communications for the plan, but we delivered successfully. The team at Rio Tinto were delighted:

The icing on the cake was that we hit Rio Tinto’s five year enrolment target within the first six months.

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