Eye-catching digital offering to promote Sage’s 2019 share plan

Having worked with Sage for a number of years, they asked us to create a microsite and supporting emails to promote their latest global share plan, known as Save & Share, as well as creating a share maturity page for the US site. The Sage brand team had already been involved in developing the concept for the campaign, which they had applied to supporting communications that had been produced internally, such as posters and flyers to draw employee attention to the plan. We then wrote copy for and created the microsites and HTML emails based on the brand team’s designed elements.

The Brief:  Global technology company Sage had already been working internally on their own promotional material for the launch of their latest global share plan. Their brand team had come up with a creative concept for the plan and applied it to posters and flyers to make Sage employees aware of the plan. They then asked us to create invitation and reminder emails and a microsite for the share plan that tied in with the creative concept they had already designed. They also asked us to create an additional page for colleagues in the US whose shares were about to mature.

The Challenge: When Sage contacted us to create a microsite and emails for them, the 2019 Save & Share plan was already being promoted internally, so we had a relatively short time to produce the work they were asking for. We worked closely with their brand team to follow the creative concept they had devised and apply it to our deliverables. We needed to create 17 different country versions of the site with relevant currency and tax information as well translating several of those country versions into both English and native languages.

The Solution: As the Sage brand team had already come up with a creative concept for the share plan we needed to work closely with them to ensure consistency across all deliverables. The concept for the plan centred on making the user think about giving up small luxuries every week, like a trip to the cinema, a take-away meal or a shop bought coffee, and using that money instead to make monthly contributions to a savings plan which would eventually give them the opportunity to buy Sage shares at a specially discounted option price.

To tie in with this theme we created a carousel banner running across the top of the website that rotated through images which complemented the message of sacrificing small luxuries in return for the chance to own shares in Sage and potentially sell them for a profit; for example a take-away pizza box opening to reveal sunglasses and flip-flops to represent a holiday or an avocado on toast brunch making way for keys to a new car.

The website itself was laid out in a clear and uncluttered way with easy to understand boxed out paragraphs detailing the basics about how the plan works, the flexibility it offers and options available to the saver at the end of the plan. We incorporated a short explanatory animation which Sage had commissioned themselves, alongside key dates and links to administrator portals so employees could sign up. We refreshed and redesigned an embedded calculator which allowed users to speculate their potential return on investment based on entering different savings amounts and a possible future share price.

A separate page provided important links to legal and tax information as well as some FAQs and a contact list for the share plan ambassadors who were placed around the world to answer all country specific queries from employees in their region.

17 different country versions of the site were created, with the Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Swiss, Polish and Austrian sites also available in English but still with the relevant country specific currency, tax and legal information.

We created HTML invitation and reminder emails that included dates, deadlines and key details of the plan, as well as links to the site and administrator portals. These also complemented the campaign concept that the Sage brand team had devised.

Finally, we created an additional page for the US Save & Share site which explained that shares from the 2017 savings plan were about to mature and what action employees needed to take if this was relevant to them.

Outcome: Sage were really pleased with the work we produced, especially in light of the relatively tight turnaround involved. Take up for the plan was a big improvement on previous versions with 48% of people signing up having never joined a savings plan in the past. We’re already working again with Sage on several exciting projects, including a brand new pay and reward site and look forward to creating next year’s share plan invitation and global maturity sites.

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