Celebrating the opportunity to invest more

Last year we worked with Diageo to review and update their SIP and Sharesave plans, however due to a few changes, they wanted to refresh the communications this year. This was mainly focused around the higher contribution limit that allows current participants to invest more every month. We helped to:

  • Refresh some of their previous communications
  • Create a new and visually engaging newsletter
  • Update their presentation video

We were delighted to be asked by Diageo to help them take another look at their communications this year. The reason for the refresh was due to their two employee share plans – SIP and Sharesave – having increased contribution limits. Given that we knew the history of these plans and had worked extensively with Diageo before, we were able to jump right in and ensure that this message was celebrated appropriately for employees.

Keeping the existing creative concept at the heart of the project, our objective was to revisit last year’s SIP and Sharesave communications and weave in the new messaging that would let employees know about this new and improved offering. As part of this, we:

  • Created a fresh bite sized style letter to be sent to existing plan participants – this primarily was to communicate the changes to the plan, but also highlighted key features of SIP and Sharesave, including details on how to make changes
  • Updated the presentation video – a key tool in explaining the plan, how it works and its benefits, especially for those not in a plan, but made available to all staff. We also updated the testimonials from employees so that their colleagues would benefit from peer review of the SIP and Sharesave
  • Produced digital content for Yammer, to promote and celebrate the changes to Share Incentive Plan and Sharesave. This involved reducing the number of assets originally used to streamline the messaging
  • Designed a poster for a last-minute space made available in the company lifts – an extremely coveted spot at Diageo HQ!
  • Aligned creative styling with the Diageo communication hub to ensure a consistent employee experience

By keeping within the extensive Diageo colour palette, we felt that the bold and bright outcome would engage employees and draw their attention to the Share Incentive Plan and Sharesave changes.

Was it a success: As a client, Diageo are really vibrant and fresh with their ideas – always open to new creative suggestions, which is always a key element to a successful campaign like this. Will the communications help drive take up? Check back soon to find out…

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