Engaging and encouraging LivaNova employees to be shareholders

New client LivaNova came to Stitch to help communicate a brand-new employee benefit, a global employee stock purchase plan (ESPP). The plan invited all LivaNova employees to become shareholders in the company. It was the first global LivaNova benefit to be introduced since the merger of the two companies in 2015.

Stitch designed, wrote and produced a range of employee stock plan communications to appeal to all LivaNova employees in ways they could easily receive, read and digest information so they could make an informed decision about participation.

The Brief: LivaNova asked us to create communications to tell their employees about a new global employee stock purchase plan. Employees needed to know the plan exists, how it works, if it’s right for them and how, where and when to sign up. We needed to create employee stock plan communications to do all this, and more.

Our brief was to:

  • excite and engage employees
  • educate and support staff so they could understand the plan features and benefits

The Challenge: Whilst the Stitch team are well versed in communicating global stock purchase plans, this new LivaNova benefit presented a number of unique challenges. It was the company’s first global benefit and as benefits go, an employee stock purchase plan is more complicated than most, as it was an unfamiliar benefit for many employees outside the USA. LivaNova employees are spread around the world 26 countries, they are scientists, sales people and factory workers. This meant the plan’s creative look and feel, content and materials needed to appeal to and reach everyone. Oh, and the decision was made to launch the plan in December, a time when many people are stretched financially and saving is at the bottom of the list.

The Solution: Working with the LivaNova team we came up with a communication plan creative concept using photography which focused on teamwork and sporting activities. This visual presentation helped to personally connect employees with the plan objectives and the LivaNova brand.

We designed, wrote and produced posters, brochures and emails to make employees aware of the plan and to invite, inform and support. HR PowerPoint slides were created for HR teams to use locally in team meetings and town halls. Emails were sent out manually, brochures were created digitally and were also professionally printed and distributed to key destinations; Italy, USA, Canada and Germany. Posters were sent out to most destinations to put up in offices and factories.

As there were localised versions of the plan, materials were created to support the four variants of the plan and translated into 8 languages; German, Flemish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese. The plan launched successful in 26 countries and invitations were sent to all 3,618 employees.

With plan project management run from LivaNova in Houston in Texas, plan administration in the US and the UK, global reward in London and communications from Stitch HQ in Bristol, the team shared timelines and held regular calls to make sure the project was delivered.

Outcome: Despite a relatively short implementation, the campaign hit the launch deadline and nearly 1,000 employees signed up to the plan. A huge 26% of employees signed up at the first enrolment window in December. The next enrolment window opens in June 2019 so we’re fully expecting this number to go up as employees become more familiar, confident and aware of the plan.

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