Communicating employee benefits to managers

We were delighted when our lovely new client FirstGroup plc approached us to help them engage and inspire managers from their First Bus division, with some new communications for their employee benefits.

First Bus is one of Britain’s largest bus operators serving a fifth of all local bus services outside of London. They employ around 17,500 staff with some 13,450 drivers and a fleet of 6,000 buses.

First Bus pride themselves on recognising and rewarding great talent and offer a wide range of enticing and complimentary employee benefits. They identified that take up of the Group benefits was low in certain populations, so enlisted the help of Stitch to create a clear and impelling printed handout communicating their company benefits to distribute at an upcoming manager conference.

Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

  • Developed the First Bus shareholder creative into an attractive double-sided handout
  • Created a journey feel to identify with the First Bus division and work as a tool to break down the benefits and guide the reader through the content
  • Wrote a clear piece of copy, with an inclusive tone of voice to suit the manager population
  • Added eye-catching call outs to highlight key facts

First Bus believe their employees help make a positive impact on people’s lives, from social inclusion and helping people go about their daily lives, to reducing traffic congestion. In return for looking after people, First Bus look after their employees with some great perks. They are proud of the financial and professional employee benefits they offer and felt it was important to help employees get to grips with their rewards and remind them of what’s at their disposal.

First Bus decided an upcoming manager conference would be a great opportunity to educate team leaders on the benefits programme, with the aim of encouraging team leaders to share their knowledge with their wider teams and help them understand how to get the most from their benefits package.

The first step for Stitch was to come up with a look and feel that connected with what First Bus stands for. As a transport operator, we decided a journey theme would resonate with managers, as well as doubling up as a nifty creative tool to guide the reader through the content. A simple and attractive line illustration to represent transport was developed upon by our designer to connect the copy and help bring the pages to life.

By choosing bold yet complimentary colours from the client’s brand guidelines, we wanted to ensure that importance was weighted on the employee benefits and let the client shout about what’s on offer. A striking ticket style header was used throughout to really hammer home what employees are being given. All for free!

Our copywriter worked hard to keep the content informative and clear for managers, delivering the message of the benefits serving to thank employees for their hard work and commitment.

The client asked us to help them dispel any misconceptions that could be deterring employees from taking advantage of the benefits available to them. We took a myth buster approach and created some eye-catching call outs that interacted with the copy and illustrations on the page.

Finally, our designer came up with some bright new logos and icons to help freshen up the identities of the rewards and benefits and aid employee understanding of their package breakdown.

Outcome? A bold and distinctive informative piece that provides managers with a simple and inspiring tool to help them share their knowledge with the wider colleague population.

Benefits packages can often have an executive or contractual feel so it was refreshing to work on a piece that was inclusive of the entire working population, designed to foster a positive working environment and promote employee satisfaction and retention.

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