Gender pay reporting and engagement

Having worked with us for a number of years, Vodafone sought out our help in creating a public facing online hub, which would increase awareness and understanding of the gender pay gap, and the initiatives they have in place to support progress in this area.

Why they came to us:

We’ve had a successful working relationship with Vodafone for many years now, so were pleased when they approached us looking for help communicating their latest gender pay gap results.

By 2025 the Technology Communications giant wants to be recognised as one of the best employers for women in the world. To facilitate this they were seeking a communications solution that would demonstrate and foster a greater level of engagement around the topic.

Their Challenge:

Vodafone care massively about their people and see investment in the welfare of their employees as a huge priority. To increase awareness of the initiatives they were implementing to address the gender pay gap, they wanted to create a hub for all gender pay related activity.

Specifically, they wanted this to be hosted on their customer facing .com site to highlight the priority level they were assigning to the matter.

Current challenges facing the company around gender pay gap communications were:

  • Quite simply, many employees had never heard of the gender pay gap and didn’t understand what it was or how it was measured
  • It’s a fairly complex topic so can be tricky to understand and usually makes for fairly dry reading
  • It’s usually only discussed once a year at the time of reporting so employees need to be reminded about the details every time
  • Need to engage employees with the content and ensure they understand what Vodafone are doing to try and close the gap

Our Solution:

  • A dedicated, outward facing gender pay gap webpage, hosting:
  • Appealing cohesive narrative with an engaging on-brand design
  • Honest, open and clear messaging
  • A fresh and engaging animation to create awareness and inform employees
  • An engaging, downloadable digital PDF results report

The Results:

Employees (as well as external stakeholders) now have a dedicated destination to find out about the gender pay gap and how it is being addressed.

The webpage acts as a hub for everything gender pay gap related. It will inform people, through clear language and visuals, what the gender pay gap is and why Vodafone consider it an important issue.

Through videos, case studies and eye-catching iconography, readers can easily see what Vodafone’s gender pay gap looks like, what they are committed to doing in order to close the gap and how initiatives already in place are benefitting employee’s working lives right now.


See the work
Having worked with Stitch on a number of projects over the years, it was great to bring a level of continuity to how we styled and focused our engagement. We came to Stitch with a clear brief to move from a “PDF-heavy” reporting style to ensuring our initiatives and work in this area were clear and engaging for all interested stakeholders.

We will be continually reviewing the site to see how we can make further improvements now and in future years, and look forward to working with Stitch on this going forward.
Matthew Appleton
Executive Reward & Share Plan Manager