Using new technology to serve up personalised content to Vodafone employees

Stitch communicates benefits and increases employee engagement for Vodafone the world over, evolving hard copy print runs and global distribution into a personal employee communication programme. We have:

  • Used new technology to create personalised websites for all employees with over 16,000 possible site variants
  • Achieved higher levels of employee engagement – each site shows only relevant content
  • Won communication and technology awards at ProShare and GEO
  • Reduced print costs – now less than 2% of employee communications are hard copy.

Stitch is proud of our long-standing relationship with Vodafone. We’ve worked together for several years now, developing and implementing employee engagement strategies for UK and global reward programmes.

It all began with Stitch making small improvements to the Vodafone reward communication process to reduce paper and a focus on getting the story right to increase employee engagement. Then we developed a strategy of creating individual digital conversations, personalised to each employee. A few months of focussed technical development followed before we launched Reward Talk, a bespoke site all about Vodafone Rewards.

Reward Talk is personalised communication solution which sends a specific URL and microsite to each employee. The content each employee sees is driven by a complex set of business rules and they only see details of the plans they’re eligible for. There are over 16,000 variants – it’s 100% employee focussed solution.

Stitch works with Vodafone’s internal branding and reward teams, plan administrators and advisors to continuously improve employee engagement. Our role is to write and design, manage and maintain all aspects of Reward Talk and share plan communications to global and UK employees.

Reward Talk means that Vodafone and Stitch have a view of all the communications and how well they are being received. We can see exactly who has read what, where and when…a first in share plan communications. It means we can keep tailoring our communications around what Vodafone employees really want and need – the secret to better employee engagement.

Stitch helps Vodafone with all their share plan communications, from regular new joiner emails to annual plan launches, maturities and even those surprise events.

Stitch and Vodafone have won both technology and communication awards at ProShare and GEO for Reward Talk and employee communications.

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