Selling a global plan launch to employees

Laird asked us to bring our strategic and creative communication expertise to help them with their very first all employee global plan launch. With 9,000 employees across 50 sites, operating in 18 countries and in 15 different languages, there were several challenges to overcome that would allow us to engage employees all around the world.

Laird wanted to launch a brand new global share plan scheme for their 9,000 employees, based across 50 sites, operating in 18 countries and in 15 different languages. In response to employee feedback, Laird wanted to offer their employees something that would allow them to invest in the future of the company and share in its success.

By pulling together a team of experts to design and implement the technicalities of a brand new global share plan, the missing part of the team was Stitch. After successfully pitching for the work in January, we got straight to work implementing an effective communication strategy that would engage, inform and encourage share ownership across the company.

The logistics of Laird’s brand new global share plan were challenging with employees dispersed all over the globe, all with their own cultural and linguistic considerations. We also had to consider that 42% of Laird’s eligible employees are blue collar workers on lower incomes, with very little or no previous experience of share plans – another challenge.

Working closely with the share plan implementation team, we came up with the communication strategy for launch. By progressing with the new Laird brand identity we were able to develop a sub brand for internal use. The brand tied in with the brand new plan name, MyShare.

Two websites were created – one at the centre of our communications strategy, informing employees about the plan, how it works, how to enrol. Using simple language, diagrams, video and calculators to get our message across, we were able to make an impact around the world. The second website – MyShare HR – was developed to support HR managers and included ‘how to’ guides, key date calendars and downloads of all promotional materials and FAQs.

To sit alongside the digital hub, we also created a suite of hard copy promotional materials, managed by HR managers across the globe. This included pop up banners, posters, infographics and even bunting. By placing PCs in common areas for those without access to a computer, Laird made it easy for employees to understand more about the brand new global share plan.

900 employees out of an eligible 5,000 enrolled on the scheme, which isn’t too bad at all when you consider the employee profile, their financial experience and the geographical challenges that the new plan faced.

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