Helping to launch a new pay and reward system

Sage asked us to help them communicate their pay and reward structure to colleagues and managers. Aligning our creative and messaging with their corporate vision we created a user-friendly microsite and a series of animations that explained in detail all the key areas of the structure as well as a fully interactive e-learn that would ensure managers are confident in making accurate pay and reward decisions for their team.

The Brief: Whilst working with Sage on their 2019 Save & Share microsite and invitation, they asked for our help communicating their pay and reward structure to colleagues. They were introducing a new software tool to manage information relating to annual pay review and bonus outcomes. Part of the new initiative meant that managers would now be responsible for making pay and bonus decisions for their team, so it was vital that both how and why this was happening was explained in depth but in a way that could be clearly understood by all.

The Challenge: This was a completely new initiative and meant managers were directly responsible for pay and bonus decisions for their teams, so it was vital they understood every detail of the new procedures they should follow and the reasons why each of those details were so important. It was also important that managers were fully informed and confident enough to have effective pay and reward conversations with members of their own team.

The Solution: Having agreed with Sage the best way to structure the pay and reward microsite we then drew up and signed off a comprehensive set of learning objectives for each section of the site. We aligned these learning objectives with the corresponding animations and e-learn to ensure there was consistency to the copy across all deliverables.

The microsite was designed to be clear and engaging and, importantly, easy to navigate. It was styled to feel very consumer-facing, utilising plenty of bright imagery of Sage people in the workplace which complemented the accompanying on-screen text. This was kept to a minimum, leaving just the important facts explained in the most concise and digestible way possible. Each section of the microsite featured a clear title page, using a full screen image. From there the user could navigate down by either scrolling or clicking on on-screen “pips”, small navigation buttons that would take you straight to different areas on each page.

Embedded into each section of the site, alongside a brief introduction of the content within, was a short, corresponding animation. All of these bite-size videos had a uniform style, featuring a moving journey line guiding the viewer through a series of key points that were most relevant to the subject matter, using a bold font and range of photography and iconography that was in line with the Sage brand.

Alongside the microsite and animations, we also created an e-learn directed at managers, whose responsibility it would be to make pay and bonus decisions for their team. It was felt that this e-learn would be an informative and engaging way of ensuring that managers would understand how they should best make these decisions, as well as how and when to have resulting conversations with their team members. Following the learning objectives set out at the start of the project, we devised a series of interactive quizzes which managers would need to complete in order to show they were ready and equipped to start making the decisions. The answers to all the questions in the e-learn were discoverable within the sections of the pay and reward microsite so it was in their interest to read those pages closely.

Sage have since created a “Thrive at Sage” hub as a central online location for all their employee reward and benefits information, of which the pay and reward microsite forms a crucial part.

Outcome: Engaging content that enabled managers to be confident in making pay and reward decisions for their team as well as aiding them in the best and most effective way to have those conversations. As this was our first e-learn project this was quite a steep learning curve for us and we spent a lot of time with our designers and developers making sure it was the best user experience whilst ensuring that by completing the quizzes within it, manager would know everything they need to make informed decisions and have effective conversations with their teams.

The microsite, animations and e-learn have proved very popular with colleagues and managers at Sage; indeed, when the site was revealed to colleagues in South Africa it received a spontaneous round of applause!

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The team at Stitch have been wonderful to work with. They listened carefully to our brief, key requirements and critical timeframes. Stitch provided a detailed project plan, prioritising key deliverables of the project which they managed through until completion. The project was complicated with many different elements from the creation of animations, to a brand new microsite and e-learn, all of which had to be developed in accordance with our Brand guidelines and delivered in multiple languages. Nothing was ever to much trouble for the team at Stitch and together we found great solutions to any challenges we faced. Within the Reward team, we are absolutely delighted with the end result; we now have an engaging, easy to use microsite that we can sign-post to colleagues and managers to self-serve with any reward questions, animations that provide a high-level overview to key reward areas and an e-learn which provides managers with all they need to know in respect of making pay and bonus decisions for their team members. Engagement with the e-learn has been fantastic with a take-up rate of over 80%. Thank you so much to the team at Stitch for helping us achieve a key goal for us this year in improving our reward communication for managers and colleagues alike.
Karen Koch
Reward Lead - Senior Colleagues