Launching the fresh new YourShare plan

At a glance:

Interxion sought our help promoting the launch of their brand new all employee free share plan. Called YourShare, it awards all employees with free shares in the business, their value being equal to a fixed percentage of the recipient’s base salary. The plan was launched to reward employees for their hard work and the connections they’ve made with customers. It required employees to actively accept the award, so Interxion needed us to create an engaging campaign that delivered a clear call to action.

About the client:

Interxion is the interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses. They have over 500 employees working in 42 data centres which are based in 11 European countries.

Why they came to us:

Having seen us present at an industry event and been impressed by our knowledge and expertise at harnessing the power of effective communications, Interxion asked Stitch to help promote the launch of their brand new free share plan.

Their challenge:

A key driver to company success for Interxion has been the motivation and reward of their people. As part of their long-term corporate strategy, and following feedback from employees, they decided to launch a brand new employee benefit for 2019 – an award of free shares in the business, equal to a fixed percentage of the recipient’s base salary.

In devising a communications campaign that would effectively promote the new plan, key considerations were:

  • The invitation needed to reach all employees in all European data centres
  • Comms had to be engaging for all levels of employees across the business
  • Some employees have only basic understanding of English language
  • The end result should help enhance Interxion’s positioning against competitors for talent
  • Interxion were targeting a 100% response rate

Our solution:

Interxion had recently created a new EVP (Employee Value Proposition) under the strapline Creating connections that matter and we knew it was something with which all employees would be familiar. Taking that line as our influence when writing intro copy and calls to action we incorporated the idea of positivity coming from teamwork and creating connections. We put forward a number of names for the plan to Interxion, who settled on “YourShare”. We took this brand along with a striking blue and green colour palette, and applied it across all deliverables, including:

  • A clean and concise microsite highlighting the details of the plan, its benefits and how to sign up
  • A presentation pack for managers to explain the plan to their teams in more detail
  • A series of emails released over a period of time which built up interest and excitement about the launch of the plan
  • Accompanying posters and flyers

The results:

All deliverables promoted the message that employees are key to the success of Interxion. It is their hard work, commitment and team work which has driven the business forward and enabled Interxion to offer them such a great reward of free shares. By driving this message home and highlighting clear calls to action, employees were more likely to connect with the plan and take the necessary action in order to benefit.

Interxion were delighted with the range of communications we designed and delivered and especially enjoyed the co-operative way we worked with them.

The plan launch reached a fantastic 95% of employees accepting the award. A clear sign that they had really understood and engaged with the materials presented to them.

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