Launching a brand new plan to all employees across the globe

Australian gaming company Aristocrat came to us following a referral from Deloitte. They were launching a brand new all employee share purchase plan and wanted to create a really exciting and engaging communications campaign to ensure all employees were inspired to sign up. We devised a name and strapline for the campaign as well as a strong and unique visual identity which utilised gaming characters across all deliverables.

The Brief:   Aristocrat, a gaming company based in Australia, had been working with Deloitte to implement a new all employee share purchase plan. Deloitte then recommended us to create a communications campaign to promote the plan to all of Aristocrat’s 7,000 employees around the world. We were tasked to come up with a name and strapline for the plan that was appropriate for the business which, as a gaming company, was quite different to the sort of business we were used to dealing with. As this was a share incentive plan offering some matching shares it was especially important that all the tax implications were clearly explained as well as all other details of the plan and how to sign up. This was a brand new all employee share purchase plan for the company, so Aristocrat were really keen to maximise employee take up.

The Challenge:  As a brand new client in a business area we weren’t overly familiar with, it was important to spend time really getting to know the company and its structure. The fact Aristocrat are based in Australia made regular communication quite a challenge, and meant plenty of 11pm phone calls for us! As well as Australia the company have offices in 19 other countries so we had to bear that in mind when putting together information on country specific tax implications. The plan also involved a matching share element, meaning it was key to explain the details of holding periods so employees knew exactly how long they would have to commit to the plan to get the maximum potential benefit.

The Solution: When thinking about a name and strapline for the campaign we made the most of the fact that Aristocrat were a gaming company. They had a range of assets utilising fun, cartoon-style characters and images which we were able to implement throughout all deliverables. To reflect the superhero nature of these characters we came up with a plan name of SuperShare whilst the strapline “Invest Together – Win Together” was a nod to the gaming business itself.

We created posters and brochures to promote the plan which all featured a striking image of the globe with the different continents made out of the hero characters. We then applied the same title image to emails, a microsite and several HR assets. Employee presentation slides were drawn up which clearly set out the rules of the plan in easy to understand sections around how the plan works, how employees can sign up and the risks and potential reward involved, as well as an explanation of what it actually means to be a shareholder.

We then created country specific slides for the presentations which set out the rules around tax in each country, and the minimum and maximum contribution employees would be allowed to make each year.

We also put together a 1 minute video to explain the headline details of the plan. Again this made the most of the gaming nature of the business, featuring the same characters from the title image as well as an upbeat club-style backing track.

Outcome: Aristocrat were really pleased with the entire campaign and felt the design and feel of all deliverables perfectly complemented the company ethos. Senior management were especially pleased and everyone took time to actively promote the plan to their teams in internal meetings and around the business. Initial take up was just under 20% which management felt was a great achievement, considering it was a brand new plan which most employees would not have encountered before. Aristocrat’s brand guidelines were a breath of fresh air for us as they allowed enormous creative freedom which made it a really fun campaign to work on, so we really hope to have the chance to work with Aristocrat again in future.

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