Creating a communication strategy for a culturally diverse workforce

We’ve recently worked with Lenovo to launch their new share plan Lenovo Shares to 25,000 employees across 35 countries. With a culturally diverse work force and modern brand to consider, we put together a communication strategy that would allow us to tailor our deliverables to appeal to different employees around the world.

Lenovo’s brand new plan launched in August after several busy months of working with Stitch to develop a communications strategy and deliverables that would excite employees across the globe.

With almost 25,000 eligible employees across 35 countries, we had our work cut out to explain Lenovo Shares in a way that would both rouse interest and give employees enough information to be able to make a decision about whether the new plan was right for them.

The brand new microsite served as our core hub of information, which provided employees with in-depth information around the plan – how to join, how to manage their plan and further information about being a shareholder. Accompanied by an infographic, posters, emails and even table stickers for the canteen, the variety of deliverables appealed to different learning styles and cultures. By translating into four key languages, we were also able to ensure that content was as accessible as possible across the 35 countries.

A key strand to our strategy was to create a Lenovo Shares brand that would champion Lenovo’s identity as a company and create a consistent and engaging employee journey across all communications. What started as an orange triangle was explored, developed and applied across all deliverables but was particularly striking in our Lenovo Shares animation.

Although employees were at the heart of our focus, launching a new share plan also meant that we had to bring co-ordinators around the world up to speed. We created a separate microsite that would allow co-ordinators to download promotional materials, understand the plan in greater detail and give them a platform to share valuable resources.

The new share plan launch was a success, with take up at 20% at last count, over 5,000 employees around the world decided that Lenovo Shares was the right opportunity for them to invest in their company.

We really enjoyed working on our first Lenovo project. Although teams were spread across multiple time zones, we were all able to deliver on time and ensure a smooth and considered share plan launch for employees. We’re delighted with the results and look forward to seeing any future successes of the plan.

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