Explaining what managed separation means for Sharesave

Old Mutual is a leading international investment, savings, insurance and banking group. They got in touch and asked us to help them communicate something quite unique to them: Old Mutual plc’s managed separation and its significance on their employees’ UK Sharesave.

The managed separation was well understood by employees but the impact it would have on their Sharesave was not yet clear, so our job was to help break this down for employees in an easy-to-digest manner with a clear and persuasive tone and call to action.

Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

  • Created a central microsite hub that held all the information participants would need in relation to the managed separation
  • Refreshed their existing Sharesave brochure with an eye-catching creative and employee-friendly content
  • Designed and coordinated an influential email campaign with a clear call to action
  • Explained tax implications to employees with a simple yet informative one-pager

The Brief: Old Mutual enlisted our help to come up with an informative campaign with three main objectives. It needed to:

  • Be simple
  • Stand out
  • Have a very clear call to action: participants must act now or the managed separation could have a negative impact on their Sharesave plan

The Challenge: Throw into the mix a speedy turnaround with the project needing to be completed prior to the separation taking place, together with an ambitious target of encouraging all 100% of mid-cycle participants to take action by a certain deadline, and we had a challenge on our hands. Just how we like it!

The Solution: We needed to come up with a clever set of deliverables that made the process as easy as possible while providing practical support to employees. Here’s what we did:

  • Go digital: We convinced Old Mutual that moving the main focus of their communications from print to create a digital space that housed the nitty gritty of the separation was the right thing for their employees
  • The microsite: We knew things needed to be kept simple so recommended a single-page format that took employees step by step through everything they needed to know, their options and where to get help. Accompanying graphics helped illustrate the tricky topics and call out boxes pulled out the crucial bits the client needed employees to read
  • Mailer: It was important not to alienate participants whose main channel of contact was post, so we balanced the microsite with a brochure mailer and a paper call to action. Our designer took Old Mutual’s shareholder illustrations and gave the brochure a fancy new facelift, with the images and accents of bright colour helping to soften the complex content and bring the pages to life
  • Emails: A trio of emails were scheduled to accompany the crucial campaign milestones: the go-live date, mail outs and return deadline. We continued the line illustrations into the email headers for continuity, as well as a device to emphasise the call to actions – our personal favourite being the elephant reminder: “Don’t forget [to take action]”

Outcome: A microsite built in record time without compromising on quality or content, a sensitively balanced set of deliverables tailored to suit the participant demographic, and a 100% response rate target achieved. Another Stitch success!

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We managed to get 100% over the line, which I am naturally delighted with.
Paul Forsythe
Deputy Group Company Secretary, Old Mutual