Taking a fresh look at Centrica’s Sharesave copy

Centrica’s share plan communications needed a breath of fresh air to make sure that employees were suitably engaged and able to make the right choice for them about their share plans. By identifying key messages that employees needed to hear, Stitch were able to create new copy to explain the Sharesave scheme to employees.

Stitch was really pleased to help Centrica with an all employee Sharesave invitation. With a creative team already in place, we were asked to lend a hand with the copywriting which had become a little bulky and without enough focus on the employee. The existing share plan communications had become too lengthy and without clear, digestible information for employees. In addition to tightening and refining the copy, we also wanted to review the messaging as a whole.

We started out by thinking about what employees actually need to know to be able to make a proper decision on whether to join the Sharesave plan. Although it’s often tempting to tell employees everything that we know as suppliers or employers, it doesn’t help employees understand what a share plan is all about. It seems obvious, but it’s really hard to break out of the habit. By creating a messaging matrix, we were able to nail down exactly what we wanted to say, why we were saying it and where that particular information was going to sit in either the mailer or other information sources.

Once we’d defined the messages we worked with Centrica’s creative team to make sure the layout reflected the new, streamlined approach to the copy and that where possible copy was highlighted and pulled out for emphasis. We went from a bulky 24-page brochure, to a simple mailer that led the reader through the key messages and pointed them to further sources of information should they need it.

In addition to the sleek new mailer, we also wrote copy that was hosted on Centrica’s administrator’s portal and intranet. This meant more of a consistent share plan communication journey for employees who had well aligned content across each deliverable. Not only that, but it meant that there was support at each stage for employees to find out more information.

As a result, employees were equipped to make the right decision about joining Sharesave – the goal wasn’t necessarily to convince people to join, but to be able to give them everything they needed so that they were well enough informed to know what it meant to be part of the plan.

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