Bringing Lenovo’s Annual Report to life through engaging communications

Lenovo is a global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and data center technology.

Last year, Stitch created the share plan communications for the successful launch of Lenovo Shares to employees in August 2016 and also delivered communications for the yearly change period in May 2017.

With the Annual Report due to come out, Lenovo felt it was important to communicate specifically with employee shareholders separately to their share plan communications to let them know about the company’s results and why they were important. Lenovo asked Stitch to come up with a way of turning the Lenovo Annual Report into something that employees would want to read, understand, and feel passionately about.

It’s vital that employee shareholders understand the business they have invested in; feeling proud of what they have achieved as a company is likely to promote employee satisfaction and a desire to stay and keep shares with Lenovo.

Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

  • Cherry-picked the most important facts and framed them in a way that would engage employees
  • Furthered the Lenovo Shares brand to design a creative one-page summary
  • Added eye-catching buttons to the existing microsite to drive users to the Annual Report summary.

Typically, for most employees an Annual Report is a 200-300 paged document that is often quite daunting in terms of the information and the type of information included. Realistically, few employees have the impetus to read the entire document and so Annual Report communications that provide a summary are an easy way to make that information accessible.

With business updates, figures, profits, quotes from the Chairman and business strategies for the future, content included in the Annual Report is actually very valuable for an employee shareholder.

One of the first steps for creating the one page summary was looking at and defining our creative concept for this piece. We wanted to pull in the existing creative concepts we had designed for Lenovo for their share plan launch communications from last year (simple, yet punchy, with bold graphics and a wonderfully enticing colour palette!) whilst incorporating concepts and imagery from the Annual Report so it was clear that the full report and the one page summary came from the same family.

Next we looked at the Annual Report and defined which content was really important to an employee shareholder and why; we wanted to include really strong facts, inspiring results, and an emotive yet business-focussed forwarding-thinking quote from the CEO.

In a similar way to the creative concepts, we used the title from the Annual Report and the Lenovo Shares logo, for consistency and to ensure employees recognised the communications as employee shareholder communications.

We ensured language in our introduction paragraph directly addressed the shareholder to ensure they knew they were very much part of the Annual Report results and so the company’s success.

Next we explained what an Annual Report actually was (you’d be surprised how many employees don’t know) and used a quote from the CEO, which comprised of current updates, sector news and a few words on the future of Lenovo.

To ensure the figures we included were really digestible, we included just three which we felt were important, with explanations of what the figure means, a list of awards won and then a link at the bottom of the page that would take users to the full report if they wanted to find out more.

As this project was all about making it easy for Lenovo employees, we created a bright and beautiful button using key design components from the Annual Report summary, which would draw employees in and encourage them to ‘click’. This would then take employees to the full A4 PDF Annual Report page summary which was hosted on the microsite.

Outcome: A digestible, interesting, creative piece which was Lenovo’s first ever employee Annual Report communications. A valuable piece ensuring employee shareholders understood key business updates which would promote a feeling of pride and ownership, encouraging employees to continue working with Lenovo and hold onto their shares.


*Figure accurate in September 2016

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