Streamlined Shareplan Communications

Having recently switched to a new share plan administrator, Innospec asked Stitch to help with the launch of their latest Global Sharesave. The company had grown in size considerably since the last plan, so the client was keen to streamline the information and increase employee uptake in the plan, especially globally. Previously they had printed all explanatory materials so we created a digital solution that would be easy to deliver to all 1,800 employees across 23 countries.

The Brief: Innospec, a global speciality chemicals business, wanted us to help launch their latest three-year Global Sharesave plan. They only have one active plan cycle at a time, so it had been a few years since they’d last launched a Sharesave scheme. This, added to the fact they had recently switched share plan administrators from YBS to Solium, meant they were keen to take the opportunity to totally refresh the communications that had gone before. The company had grown in size in recent years, so they were also keen to see an increase in global engagement.

The Challenge: Innospec wanted us to completely refresh the look of the communications around the share plan as they had previously used only a fairly basic design. They challenged us to focus on increasing global uptake in particular. Employee numbers had doubled since 2010 so many weren’t familiar with Sharesave, and as this plan had five variants, we needed to be sure the messaging was as uncomplicated as possible. Previous plan communications had been printed and distributed by Innospec themselves so they also wanted us to modernise this approach, though were mindful that some employees may lack digital confidence.

The Solution: This was the first time we had worked with Innospec, so we had a clean slate on which to set out our communications plan. We knew we needed to come up with an eye-catching design that would appeal to all 1,800 employees regardless of how familiar they already were with the Global Sharesave plan.

Taking our cue from Innospec’s hexagon design used on their website we came up with a new creative identity for the plan incorporating a bee and honeycomb theme which tied in with the campaign strapline around investing together in the future growth of the company. We applied this design to the three main deliverables – a digital booklet, a flyer and a letter from the company CEO.

Starting with the digital booklet we updated and simplified the copy from previous plan messaging and laid it out across five pages, split into clear sections which set out the key details of the plan and how it works, its structure, benefits and how to sign up as well as top level information around what would happen if you were to stop working for the company. Five versions of the booklet were prepared for each of the Global Sharesave variants and these were hosted on Innospec’s intranet as well as the plan administrator portal.

The flyer and CEO letter utilised the same design concept and were posted out to employees as one package. The CEO letter outlined key benefits and important dates while the flyer introduced the plan and, vitally, directed employees to the intranet where they could access the online brochure to find out more. It also shared instructions on how to access the administrator portal for those wanting to join the plan right away.

All versions of these deliverables were translated in five languages and distributed to all employees across 23 countries.

Outcome: All deliverables were prepared and delivered on time to a very quick turnaround. Being given completely free reign on the design concept for the comms allowed us to pull together a scheme that really suited what we needed to say. Innospec now have consistent comms across all plan variants and an online solution that has dramatically reduced print costs. Innospec saw a considerable increase in employee engagement with the Global Sharesave – global take up was 53% and in the UK a massive 87% of employees joined the plan.

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We found Sophie and the team a pleasure to work with. They were very informed on Sharesave and how it works.
Mandy Griffiths
Innospec Limited