Weir launch their first ever Global Share Plan

Weir approached us, wanting help with the launch of their first Global Share Plan. Communications had to reach a large and diverse workforce spread across the world, with employees in over 50 countries, so it was imperative we came up with a strong identity for both the plan and the campaign messaging. Keen to stress that this was an inclusive plan that would unify all employees, we devised the campaign strapline “Building our legacy together” and applied this to a broad range of deliverables, including emails, animations, posters and a microsite.

The Brief:  After working with Weir back in Autumn 2018 to help launch and promote their first ever global employee survey, Weir approached us to help them launch their first global all employee share plan. They wanted the campaign to feel inclusive to all 15,000 employees around the globe – keen that it should make them feel excited and part of something special.

The Challenge:  We needed to create a strong identity for the campaign. Weir has a large and diverse workforce spread around the world in 70 locations and the share plan communications needed to be easy to understand and appeal to everyone. Additionally not every employee had access to a computer so we needed to design both digital and print solutions that would be readily visible to all. The structure of the plan was slightly unusual in that employees were awarded the promise of free shares in the first year but wouldn’t actually receive the first of those shares until a year later so it was important to manage employee expectations in the right way.

The Solution: Together with Weir we came up with a concept and identity for the share plan and the campaign as a whole. We wanted to concentrate on the share plan being a way for employees to build a better future for themselves through their hard work for the company so devised the name Weir ShareBuilder. Keeping with the theme of investing in the company for a better future, we also came up with the strapline for the campaign “Building our legacy together” – we used this line throughout all messaging to maintain a consistent and easily recognisable brand for all communications.

As this was Weir’s first ever global share plan it was particularly important that the message reached all 15,000 employees in a clear and accessible way. Weir were very proud to be in a position to award all their staff a number of free shares in the company, and they wanted all employees to feel similarly about the fact they would now own a stake in the future of the company they worked for.

Given the nature of some of the roles at Weir not all staff have access to a work computer or the internet so communications had to address this issue. As well as building a microsite with supporting emails and social media assets we created posters, flyers and an animation that could be displayed in locations that were accessible to all employees.

Additionally, town hall slides were created which would enable managers to bring the share plan to the attention of their teams in local meetings and would also give employees the chance to have answered any specific questions they might have about the plan. A video message from the CEO of the company was also filmed to bring a human touch to the messaging. This enabled the CEO to reiterate to all employees what a great opportunity this was for both the staff and the company to become the most admired engineering business in the markets.

Outcome: Weir have been absolutely delighted with the reaction from employees to the campaign. A great deal of buzz and excitement was created around the launch. Using props we had created especially for Weir ShareBuilder, many employees uploaded social media posts promoting the share plan and the positive effect this was having on staff morale. Weir obviously care a great deal about their employees and were immensely proud that they were able to offer free shares as a way of saying thank you to staff for all their hard work. We’re really looking forward to working with Weir again soon on a range of new projects, as well as additional ShareBuilder communications in 2020 when staff receive the first of their free shares.

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Stitch perfectly captured the essence of Weir ShareBuilder, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with a professional and fun team.
Geraldine Pamphlett
Group Head of Reward & Recognition, Weir